Karamelové Baileys recept

Rozhodli jste se uvařit si recept Karamelové Baileys , podrobně si prostudujte popis vaření receptu a připravte si ingredience. Až budete mít nastudovaný recept, pusťte se do díla a přejeme dobrou chuť!

Postup přípravy Karamelové Baileys

Take both cans of Salko and place them to boiling water bath and cook for 2-3hrs. When taken out, let cool until cold, longer better.

Then cook a caramel pudding from pudding powder and milk. When done, let cool down also.

From the cold custard we take off the crust and in a bowl mix together with cold Salko. Continually stir in a rum and then mix well. At the end pour through a strainer so there is not lumps of custard left.

Thus we can serve and drink immediately.


  • 2 cans salko (available in every food store)
  • 1 l milk
  • 2 packs caramel custard powder
  • 0,5 l rum

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